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Smart APP Automatic Chicken Coop Door,Chicken Coop Door Opener

Smart APP Automatic Chicken Coop Door,Chicken Coop Door Opener

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Material Aluminum
Item Weight 2.1 Pounds
Gap Size 1.6 Inches
Target Species Duck
  • ✅Smart APP Control- PETNF Automatic Chicken Coop Door with opener, the only one on the market with App remote control. Auto chicken door supports adding multiple devices, family device sharing, exception reminders. Whether you are traveling, working outside, at home or coming home too late, allows you to easily check the status of the coop door and operate it remotely anytime and anywhere, save your time & energy.
  • ✅Two Working Modes-Light sensing mode: automatically open the door at dawn, automatically close the door after dark, and can also set a delay of 15-45 minutes. Chicken coop door opener with timer mode: timing automatic door opening, timing automatic door closing. Both modes can be controlled directly on the mobile APP. Even if the network is disconnected, it can be manually operated through the control panel on the fuselage.
  • ✅Delay Door Closing - You can set the delay through the APP, or you can short press the "Set" button on the manual control panel 1-3 times, and the door will be closed after a delay of 15-45 minutes, so that the chicken coop door is more in line with the chicken's biological clock.
  • ✅Automatic Rebound Anti-pinch System - This chicken door opener is gentle when closing the door. If a chicken is detected under the door, the door will rebound upwards to protect the safety of your poultry.The chicken house door made of pure aluminum material is strong enough to effectively prevent the invasion of predators such as possums, coyotes, and foxes.
  • ✅Upgraded Triple Power Supply Guarantee - The chicken coop door can not only be powered by a USB charging cable, but also has a built-in emergency power supply, which can continue to work for more than 20 hours in the event of a power outage. Compared with other products, which can only be manually pryed open and destroy the body when the power is cut off, our chicken coop door design is more user-friendly, and it can be charged through the power bank to open the door.
  • ✅Installation Tips - It is recommended to install during the day, please fully charge it before installation. Make sure that the installation position is flat. In order to facilitate the smooth opening of the coop door, please reserve more than twice the height of the door. Do not knock hard on the side of the door, as this may cause the track to deform.
  • ✅Multi-Scenario Applicable - This automatic chicken coop door approximately 10.2" wide by 14.5" tall, weighs under 2.1 lbs. It can be used in backyards and farms, it is suitable for most poultry such as chickens and ducks, and it can also be used if your cats and dogs are petite.
  • ✅Manual Control without APP - The coop door can also be operated from a manual control panel without an APP. The delay operation has a memory function, and there is a light reminder when setting, which is very easy. Please be careful not to block the light sensor when using it.

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Why Choose PETNF Chicken Coop Door!

wifi chicken coop door opener

automatic chicken coop door

Before connecting to the network, make sure the router, product,and cell phone should be within the same space of 3-5 meters to ensure a good signal. When connecting to the network, the cell phone Bluetooth shall be opened,router band only supports 2.4G WiFi, does not support 5G, before connecting,please confrm whether the router band is 2.4GHz,if not, please set the router band to 2.4GHZ.

Notice: Distance will affect the stability of the WIFI connection, it is recommended to use a Wifi signal repeater.

2022 Newest Automatic Chicken Coop Door Opener

Save your time and energy
  • 1.User-friendly settings
  • 2.Light Sensor Mode
  • 3.Timer Mode
  • 4.Delayed Door Closing
  • 5.Abnormal Reminder
  • 6.Multiple Devices
  • 7.Family Device Sharing
  • 8.2.4GHz WiFi
  • 9.Android & iOS

Free your hand from the busy work of chicken coop!

smart chicken coop door

How to Add Multiple Devices :

Enter the APP operation interface, click the Add button in the upper right if you want to add more than one device. Continue to add according to the automatic or manual network.

How to Share with Family Member:

1.Go to the APP operation screen 2.Find Home Management 3.Go to the Home Management screen, find the corresponding family name that needs to be shared 4.Add member 5.Enter Name and Account then click Save 6.Waiting to join 7 Member go to the APP operation screen 8.Find Home Management 9.Find the family name to be joined 10.Accept invitation 11.Back to the device operation screen 12.Family location switch find the family name you need to enter, click to enter the family name screen 13.Go to the family name APP operation screen 14.Go to the family group device operation screen, pay attention to the device status information and operate the currently connected devices through the APP.

automatic chicken coop door

Prevent False Triggering at Night

It saves you from getting up frequently at night to check the status of the chicken coop, and it can also effectively prevent predators from invading. The light at night must continue to illuminate the light sensor for more than 5 seconds before it is possible to trigger the door. Avoid passing car lights that cause the coop door to be opened at night.

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Power off state Charging——Red light is on breathing——Fully charged——Red light is always on Working state Charging——Blue light is on breathing - Full point - Blue light is always on

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Unplug the power plug - cover the charging interface protection plug - rinse or wipe the lower part of the chicken door with clean water

Meet The Needs of Multiple Scenarios

chicken coop door with timer


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