Newest Interactive Tumbler Laser Toys for Cat

  • Battery:

    Requires 3 AAA 1.5V batteries.

    The newly installed batteries can support run for about 10 hours at low speed.


    Design for pets

    Not waterproof, not fireproof;

    Not anti-biting products;

    Please do not use it again with an obvious damage occurred;


Tumbler laser toy

Good Night Everybody :)

It was a fully fun day for me. I need to get bed now. Tomorrow is another busy day. I need to kiss my mummy to let her wake up in the morning as usual, eat my favorite food and play the new tumbler laser guy with her. Oh~~~so busy. However, the greater the capacity, the greater the responsibility. It’s my honor.

It's time to get bed. Wish you all have a good dream like me. :P:)

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