Delivery & Returns

  • We are committed to provide you with the best shopping experience.

    If you want to return or exchange the products, due to a defect, different product, or a damaged product due to an accident during delivery, please email within 30 days after delivery and we will tell you how to get your refund in full or exchange via Email. Return/Exchange are only accepted and free under situations mentioned above.


    * Refunds and exchanges are not accepted for defective products in the following cases.

    ・ Products that more than 30 days after delivery

    ・ Products after using

    ・ Tags have been removed

    ・ Washing, cleaning, repair, etc. performed by the customer

    ・ Dirty / smelling after product arrival

    * If you do not contact us by e-mail, we may not be able to accept returns. In addition, even if you return to us without contacting us, it may not be refundable.


    Return / Exchange procedures

    Please refer to the following for return / exchange procedures.

    1) Please contact us by email info(at)

    2) Please fill out the order information, the reason why you want to return or exchange, and the problem. (Please provide as many details as possible.)

    * If you can provide your order number, exchanged products, product number, phone number, etc., we can respond quickly. Please understand in advance.

    3) In the case of defective products, please provide an overview of the returned product and an image of the defect (evidence photo) as an attached file.

    4) After confirming the email, we will respond within 2-3 business days.