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The advantages of working with PetNF

Over 1,000,000+ pet parents become our customer.
Over 37 patents for both domastic and oversea, like US & CN patent for dog water bottle and so on.
Sold to 10+ countries all over the world, like US, UK, DE, CN, JP, KR and so on.
Working with 5 Top Online shopping websites, like Amazon, Walmart, Chewy and so on.

Can you give us a chance to increase your sales?

*For Private Label:

Thank you for your trust in PetNF. As always, we welcome partners to discuss cooperation with private label services. Of course, we have some requirements for private label services, most of which are due to the limitation of mass production in factories.

Please tell us which product you are interested in, our colleagues will tell you the specific requirements for each product (different requirements for different products). Please don't worry, our requirements are not very strict, we hope to achieve the goal of win-win cooperation by trying our best to cooperate with you.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for what you want, we will not let you down.


*Contact Info:

Tel: 0086 (0)755 28269105
Address: 501, Bldg A, 2013 Culture Maker Park, Henggang, Longgang, Shenzhen, China