Newest Interactive Cat Toy,Fish Bowl-Shaped Kitten Toys,Cat Feather Toys Timer Setting

    • 【Design Inspiration】: In 2021 petnf designed an automatic rotating toy based on the cat's behavior in line with the cat's nature. You must have noticed that in daily life, when cats see fish swimming around in the fish bowl, they can't help but want to paw it out. This is the origin of our design.
    • 【Multiple Ways to Play】: ①The appearance of the product is fishbowl shape, ABS material, non-toxic and harmless to pet. ②Our fish bowl can be used as a tumbler toy, so you don't have to worry about your kitty knocking it over while playing. ③These small toys will make irregular movements on the turntable to attract your fur baby to paw it out. ④The base will randomly make mouse calls to stimulate your cat's hunting nature.
    • 【Automatic Rotation & Timer Settings】: This cat fish bowl toy has 3 speeds (slow(default), fast, random) to find your cat's right needs. According to different kittens' features, we design 3 timer settings for saving power, 5 min(default), 10 min and 15 min in any speed mode.
    • 【USB Fast Charging】: Equipped with a USB cable, it is convenient for charging. Built-in 800mA rechargeable lithium battery. No need to replace new batteries and can be charged via any devices, convenient for indoor use. After 3.5 hours fully charged, the cat toy will work for 5 hours in lowest gear.
    • 【Give Away Toy Package】: We will give you a toy gift pack made of safe TPR material, which includes: toy mouse *1, small ball *5, caterpillar *2, magnetic feather *1 (the color is random). It can be played with a variety of combinations according to different cats' preferences. We recommend that you give your cat fifteen minutes to play with the toy and then take it back to keep it fresh for your fur baby! 1 Year Warranty! 
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