Not only Jogging, take it for hiking and small trips!

Not only Jogging, take it for hiking and small trips!

The portable dog water bottle is very popular among pet parents, most of them bring the bottle out when jogging with their fur babies.

One of our customer Bonnie says:

"I included a picture of the handsome boy who uses this. My boyfriend and I have been wanting to start taking him hiking with us. We have a portable water bowl and food bowl now, but this little gadget is so much more convenient. It saves carrying an extra water bottle. It also doesn’t need to be sat down for access nor cleaned up afterwards which is nice when Blue just needs a quick drink."

And Roberto suggest to bring this bottle for small trips: "Carrying water for your pet here in the desert is absolutely essential, so when i saw this interesting take on a dog water bottle, i had to try it! This 18oz. squeeze bottle dispenses into a silicon lid that flips up to transform into a bowl big enough for my German shepherd. A twist-stop keeps water from dispensing and has proven leak proof this week as I've hiked, walked, and biked with my dog. You can carry this bottle with the attached strap and it also fits into a standard water bottle cage with slight squishing. I like this design better than my other dog water bottle, which has a stiff and bulky reservoir. All in all, I'm satisfied with this purchase and hope the flexible plastic bottle stands the test of time as i will be putting this to heavy use."

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