FAQ of cat litter box


Q: The litter box is not working and I need support.

A: Please email us at support@petnf.com.

Let us know the exact issue about how it doesn’t work properly (Like the the angle position if it stops, whether it beeps or the button light flashes etc,. ) so we can help you out ASAP.


Or you can just refer to the followings:


  1. Quick Checks:

Q1: What if the litter box has stopped working and the light is flashing slowly after weeks of use?

A: It’s normal when the machine is waiting at the stand-by position for clumping. (See the Dumping program.) Otherwise, go


Step 1: If it gets stuck in the motion or doesn’t work as programmed, and the button light keeps flashing slowly, please clean the back tail sensor by wiping or blowing off the dust on it. The dust may wrongly trigger the safety mode.


Make sure the back tail sensor is all cleaned. Check if there's anything in the front disturbing the sensor and get rid of it. The see how it works after the cleaning.


If it still doesn’t work after the cleaning, go

Step 2: Open the shell of the back tail sensor and check if the sensor piece gets sullied by the cat pee. Dry clean it if necessary. And check the wire connection, check if one or two of the small wires is loose from the joint. Make sure the wires and the joint is connected firmly to the sensor.


Then reset the device and see how it works after checking.


If it still does not work, please take a photo of the label on the bottom of machine base and email it to us for further help.

Contact us: support@petnf.com.



Q: What if the litter box gets stuck at the dumping position and the button light blinks quickly and it beeps 3 times(di-di-di).

A: It’s normal as the full-bin sensor notifies it’s time to empty the dump tray. (The sensor is at the bottom of the machine base and besides the opening.)


If the dump tray is emptied but it still gets stuck there, beeping 3 times and button light blinking, go to get rid of the sensor interference by checking:
A. Avoid the tilted edge of the trash bag in the opening, which may disturb the sensor and wrongly trigger the sensor;

B.Clean the sensor by gently wiping it with a dry and soft cloth or blowing off the dust on it with an air blower.

Make sure that the small rectangular piece (the sensor piece with 2 small tiny holes on it) is clean. And check the wire connection by pushing the joint in the square.


If it still does not work, please take a photo of the label on the bottom of the machine base, email it to us and name the issue for further help.

Contact us: support@petnf.com.



Q: What type of cat litter is suitable for use in this litter box?

A: We recommend clumping litter with particles diameter of no more than 4mm. The less dust is the better.



Q: Where can I buy a replacement power adapter? 

A: It's an AC to DC 2.1mm X 5.5mm Plug adapter (12V 2A).  

Here's an Amazon picture for your reference:




Q: I mistook the "F" legs in the "B" holes (or otherwise) when I install the device. How to take them out to put into the correct holes?

A: Please check. The back legs are longer than the front legs. The "F" legs (the shorter) should be installed at the front (the drawer-pull-out side) and the "B"  legs (the longer) at the back.

If they are installed wrong, it's hard to pull out as the snap joints are very firm and the design is non-removable.

Some of our users pulled them out by force (pressing around the holes, holding the legs firmly, pulling with twiddling). You can have a try with this.