Tester Program

Tester Program

Who Are We


Lesotc & PetNF are pet supplies brands both operated by the same parent company - PolarisAI Limited. We have a leading pet product design team and factory in the pet industry. We are dedicated to providing our customers with the safety-focused, user-friendly pet products, to enhance the emotional connection and engagement between you and your lovely fur babies. We have sold 1,000,000+ items on US, UK, DE, JP and AU market.


Why we launch the tester program


The reason we send out test products is that we want to receive your honest feedback and suggestions, particularly about new released items, so we can improve the product quality and drive higher customer satisfaction.

Join LESOTC’s Tester Program to keep & test our pet products with a deep discount (usually 100% OFF )! Our testers get the product to keep and test, we get an honest opinion - everyone’s a winner!


Who Have Participated in This Program[FREE to TEST & KEEP]

What We Need Our Testers To Do




How We Prepay


How to Apply

Write your pet name, weight, birthday to info@lesotc.com