Water Fountain Pump Durability Notice and Solutions

Dear customer, please follow the below steps to operate:

Step 1:
We've discovered that 85% of water pump issues can be resolved simply by cleaning the pump. We encourage you to first follow the pump cleaning instructions provided in the product manual.

Step 2:
If cleaning the pump does not resolve the issue, please don't worry. In order to maintain the durability of our product and ensure a satisfactory experience for every customer, anyone who has purchased this product can reach out to us to receive a replacement pump. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause! Please fill out the form below.
*Please make sure to enter the order number correctly to help us locate your order (ex:123-1234567-1234567)

By submit the form, you will get the below benifits

  • One piece of pump for pet water fountain (our sub brands : PetNF, SwSun, Petdott)
  • Amazing Customer Support - talk with us directly by CLICK THIS LINK if you are unsatisfied with our product