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Dog House Heater with Thermostat & App Remote Control, 300W Safe Heater for Dog Houses Outdoor

Dog House Heater with Thermostat & App Remote Control, 300W Safe Heater for Dog Houses Outdoor

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Brand Petnf
Power Source Corded Electric
Heating Method Radiant
Heat Output 300 Watts
Product Dimensions 60"D x 108"W x 122.4"H
  • SMART APP REMOTE CONTROL--Our dog house heater can be monitored and controlled remotely via APP anytime and anywhere after connecting to WIFI, monitor the temperature inside the kennel at any time without having to bend down to enter the kennel to adjust the temperature, so that even if you go out to work or travel, you won't let your fur baby get cold and sick in the cold winter. It also supports multiple people to operate the app!
  • WITH THERMOSTAT AND TIMER DESIGN--Unlike other products, this exclusive custom pet heater has the flexibility to set the temperature from 41℉-113℉ and the heating time from 0-24 hours, all settings can be displayed on the thermostat screen. Say goodbye to the old rotary button design, eliminating the need to enter the dog house for temperature adjustment. You can now operate through the thermostat outside!
  • SAFE & FAST THERMOSTATIC HEATING--This dog heater has 300W of power for fast and effective heating results, built-in overheating protection, and an internal heat shield to protect the components - no ventilation is required! The use of rounded corners and 6FT of metal anti-bite rope effectively increases safety. Safety is the number one priority with our dog house heaters!
  • SMART INDUCTION & ENERGY SAVING--The dog house heater with thermostat has a built-in temperature sensor, when the ambient temperature reaches the set temperature, the heater will automatically stop heating to ensure that it runs only when needed to save energy. When the ambient temperature is 2 degrees Celsius below the set temperature, the heater restarts heating to keep your pets in the most comfortable and warm environment all the time.
  • MULTI-PURPOSE PET HEATER--When temp drops below 45℉/7℃, some pets will start getting uncomfortable, cold and will be exposed to health risks of frostbite and hypothermia. Our dog heater is not only for outdoor dog houses, but also for rabbit cages, chicken coops, pet pigs and barn cats to keep them warm in severe weather. Also suitable for pregnant and whelping dogs, new born pets, aging dogs.
  • 4 STEPS EASY INSTALLATION--Electric dog house heater dimension: 9'' x 10.2'' x 5''.Independent safety bracket makes the heater easy to install in the dog house! 1. Find a position taller than your pet; 2. Drill hole; 3. Controller through the drill hole; 4. Hang the heater. Please read the instructions carefully for more detailed steps.


Provide The Comfort And Warmth To Your Furry Friend Who Enjoys Being Outside

 dog house heater


PETNF Smart Dog House Heater -- Your Pets Deserve The Best

You are able to take control, and adjust the temperature & timer that is just perfect for your precious pets.

Whether you go out early or late or travel, just pick up the phone through the APP settings can be achieved at ANY TIME and ANYWHERE you can control the temperature and operation of the heater to ensure that your pet will not be attacked by the cold.

Our heater is built with ceramic heating wire, which is safer and faster than the heating lamp. It saves electricity bills, and at the same time, there is no harsh light that can hurt the eyes of pets, and there is no fire hazard.


A Temperature Controller + APP Control !
  • Save Money: Save an additional thermostat, which costs about 30dollars
  • More convenient: no need to bend to enter the kennel to adjust the switch
  • Smarter: Setting the heater's temperature and running time with one click, no matter where you are
  • 300W: Rapid constant temperature heating for pets
  • In addition to being suitable for dog houses, it is also suitable for use in chicken houses, rabbit houses
Some TIPS for how to make the dog house warmer

If the door of the dog house is open, the temperature of the house will be dissipated faster, so we recommend that:


  1. Do NOT install the heater in a position where it blows directly against the dog's door, otherwise heat will be lost too easily
  2. Properly cover the dog door with a curtain, you can keep the house warm; (especially necessary when it is particularly cold, but do not completely sealed, pay attention to still have ventilation gaps)

These two suggestions can effectively reduce energy loss and save electricity expenses.

Professional & Safe Fitting Construction

 heater for dog house

  • The temperature adjustment range of 41℉-113℉(5℃-45℃) can be adjusted according to your needs, every time you press + or -, the temperature will be increased or decreased 1℃/℉;
  • Compared to products on the market, our dog house heater has a smarter timer adjustment, the time adjustment range is 0-24 hours, which can be adjusted according to your needs, each press of + or - will increase or decrease the temperature by 1 hour

4 Simple Steps To Complete The Connection Of APP & Dog House Heater!!


1. After downloading the APP, long press the thermostat for 5 seconds, the WiFi signal light will flash and start successfully;

Please NOTE: If the screen shows E1, it means that the wire connector behind the heater is not connected correctly, just need to align correctly and plug in tightly to restore normal


2. Make sure your phone Bluetooth is on, connect your phone to your home WiFi and open the App;


3. You can find Dog House Smart Heater device by Auto Scan;

Please connect to your home WiFi in the app (must be the same as the WiFi connected to your phone)


4. After successful connection, you can set the temperature and time freely through the APP anytime & anywhere!!


Thermostat Controller

  • It is recommended to hang the control box at the entrance of your pet's house or under the eaves of your pet's house, it is only generally waterproof, please avoid direct contact with rain.

ceramic heated wire

Ceramic Heating Wire

  • Small resistance
  • Fast heating
  • Automatic thermostat
  • Eliminate the cause of burns,fire and other safety hazards

Anti Chew Cord

6FT Anti Chew Cord

  • 6FT long metal anti-bite rope, effectively prevent pets from biting the wire and avoid injury


Metal Filter Mesh

  • Metal sheet is added to prevent the opening from being blocked by pet hair
  • Removable for easy cleaning
  • If there is too much pet hair or impurities on the metal filter mesh will affect the air intake, thus affecting the heating performance. Please clean the filter every 15-20 days, if the use of the environment has more pet hairs, please reduce the cleaning cycle as appropriate.
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